Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At THE WANTED LEATHER, we understand the significance of the security of our clients and approach it extremely in a serious way. We are exceptionally dedicated to securing the data and subtleties shared by our clients. We keep this data free from any danger and never uncover it to other people.

Terms like we and us are utilized in this security strategy to allude to THE WANTED LEATHER while terms like you and yours are utilized to allude to our clients.

The information we collect

We accumulate statistics from our clients only at the time when they are making a purchase. This data pertains to their name, address, gender, size, and Email ID. All this statistics is saved in our database and used solely to assist us serve clients easily. We use this statistics to make the buying journey alluring and greater environment friendly for our customers. We make use of cookies on our internet site to gather statistics about the length of your continue to be and your region.

Email ID is used solely to contact the customer

We use the electronic mail ID of clients to ship those receipts of purchases and to ship them newsletters containing future income and discounts. This fact helps us in stopping on-line frauds that have grown to be frequent these days. Your Email ID is no longer shared through us with different carriers or merchants.

All information is kept on faraway servers that are totally secured

The non-public important points of our clients are saved in a impenetrable database. Access to this database is constrained to approve persons only. We do no longer share touchy important points about our clients with companies or 0.33 parties. Protection of facts is a depend of private believe and trust and we would like to guarantee you that we are completely dedicated to defending your non-public information.

We ignore your records such as title and tackle to the transport agent so as to make certain well timed transport of the merchandise bought through you. However, this record is now not used via the agent or handed on to different vendors.
We recognize how necessary it is to keep your privacy. This is why all your important points are saved in our secure and impenetrable database as soon as you have checked out after making a purchase.

Information that is not stored by us

Just have in mind that touchy facts such as your savings card variety and financial institution account important points are no longer saved with the aid of us. This ability you can relaxation guaranteed of your touchy records is now not leaked or shared with a 1/3 party. We do no longer save any economic facts about a customer. We make use of a third-party provider provider’s systems for monetary transactions. This is why you can stay comfortable that touchy small print of your savings and debit playing cards stays protected all the time.

Modifications to this privacy policy

THE WANTED LEATHER retains the right to make suitable amendments to this privacy policy any time we think it is necessary for the interests of our customers. We urge our customers to keep visiting this page to know about the updates to the privacy policy. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, you can send them to us through an email at

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