Our Terms & Conditions


The Terms & Conditions, as mentioned on this page, are applicable to all customers of THE WANTED LEATHER. By continuing to brew the website of the company, you agree to all clauses of this terms and conditions policy.


 Intellectual Property Rights

All photos and content material posted on this internet site is covered underneath mental property rights. IPR additionally covers the designs and of the merchandise as properly as the title and the emblem of THE WANTED LEATHER. Any use of such cloth by way of any organization or person will be viewed a violation of these rights and he shall be accountable to prosecution with the aid of us.
We reserve the proper to alternate or adjust the content material on the internet site of THE WANTED LEATHER. This consists of images, description, and even the expenses of our products. We strive to notify our clients about these adjustments as quickly as possible. Inconvenience brought about to clients on account of these modifications is deeply regretted. To keep away from disappointment, we motivate all our esteemed clients to go to this web page to be apprised of adjustments in our terms
We reserve the right to now not procedure the order of a client on account of non-availability of the item, error due to the fact of inaccurate description, or due to the fact of obnoxious conduct of the customer.


Pricing Policy

  1. All expenditures of merchandise are noted in US dollars. All repayments are common in this foreign money only. Prices stated towards every product are inclusive of all taxes even though clients have to pay fashionable delivery fees payable at the time of checkout. Taxes or obligations levied via counties are the duty of the customers. We reserve the proper to make modifications in the expenditures of our products each time we desire. Customers can’t bitch about greater expenses of a product that used to be priced at decrease expenses earlier.
    We permit clients and audiences to make feedback and publish critiques about our products. However, we do no longer adhere to their remarks and we are now not accountable to any loss or harm triggered to different clients due to the fact of these comments. We submit feedback and opinions in accurate trust even though remarks containing foul language are eliminated from the website by sending feedback to our website, our clients agree to these phrases and conditions.
  2. They are above the age of 15
  3. All remarks made by using them are correct and entirely their views
  4. Their content material does now not violate our phrases and stipulations and does no longer reason any damage to different customers.

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