THE WANTED LEATHER takes extraordinary consideration in guaranteeing that every one of its items are good looking as well as excellent and enduring. The organization utilizes most noteworthy conceivable quality textures and accomplices to ensure that every one of its pieces of clothing is made flawlessly. We have a considerable rundown of fulfilled clients who continue to return to us at whatever point they need excellent and popular pieces of clothing. Nonetheless, there are sure questions in the personalities of our clients that are being replied on this page.


Q1. How many days does it take for the product to reach my address?

Answer: It takes a minimum of 10 working days to ship the product at the address of the customer. We make use of fast and very efficient courier services like DHL and FedEx to ensure timely delivery of products.


Q2. What fabrics are used for making garments?

Answer: Products sold on THE WANTED LEATHER are crafted using genuine quality leather only.


Q3. What if the product does not fit me nicely?

Answer: We encourage every customer to take help from a size guide on our website before ordering a product. If however the product is not good fitting, you can send it back to us for exchange of the same.


Q4. How can I make payment for my purchase?

Answer: We have specific payment methods for our customers. You can pay using PayPal and Credit Card. You will get a receipt of your payment which confirms that we have received the money from your side.

Q5. Can I return a product that is defective?

Answer: Although we try to make sure all products sold on our website are in excellent condition, there is rare chance in which you may receive a defective product. You should inform us within 2 days of receiving such a product and we shall provide instructions to help you in sending the product back to us. We gladly send a new product after receiving the defective product.


Q6. Do you sell customized jackets?

Answer: Yes, we have craftsmen who can turn the design sent by you into a real outfit. Just upload the design or email us in the form of sketch or image and we shall make the custom jacket for you.


Q7: I like a men’s jacket design. Can I have it made for me, a woman?

Answer: Yes, this is very much possible. Just send us your correct size to enable us to create the same design in your size.


Q8: Can I contact you if I have other questions in mind?

Answer: Yes, you can easily contact us by sending your queries at info@thewantedleather.com and we shall respond to your queries as soon as possible.

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